Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret VI – Vive la France!

Olde Yellow Cabaret VI

This weekend will see the sixth Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret in Dayton, Ohio hosted by the illustrious crew of the Airship Passepartout. Frenchy and the Punk are headlining the show giving this night its “Vive la France” theme, but we suspect eye patches will be in abundance as well in solidarity of Samantha “Frenchy” Stephenson’s recent eye surgery.

Frenchy Eye Patch

In addition to Frenchy and the Punk, this Saturday’s cabaret will also feature music from Curse of Cassandra, and the Blue Heron TrioBlue Moon Circus will provide sideshow entertainment, and there will be fire show performances from DaShane StarFox and Skye Amos WolfTroupe Roja are also there with their contemporary tribal belly dances, and DJ V-RAL will be your dance commander into the night.

Olde Yellow Cabaret V 680

Catering is on hand from Bad Dog Gourmet Hot Dogs and Flying Santucci Brothers Gourmet Cotton Candy . . . plus you can peruse the vendor market: Sylvan Creations, Sew Late at Night, Bree Orlock Designs, Ashley Delilah Lane, Marianne C. Jackson, Grandma’s Bane Crafts, Free Pirates for Hire, Jessica Spangler Digital Art, and more.

Please visit the Facebook event page to learn more and RSVP.

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