Women of Awesomeness: The Ladies of the Big Bang Theory

I present to you today’s triumvirate of Womanly Awesomeness: The Ladies of The Big Bang Theory, Penny, Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler.

While individually all three of these characters are pretty cool, it’s when they come together to form Voltron… wait, that’s something else entirely. Anyways, it’s the three of them, their chemistry and interactions that make Penny, Amy, and Bernadette so freaking awesome. On their own each woman is interesting, with diverse backgrounds and a different look on life.

Penny (last name unknown) has been with the show since episode 1.  A cheerful girl from Lincoln, Nebraska she is immediately cast into the role of love interest for one of the male leads (Leonard.) She is everything the men of the show have been told, time and again, that they can never have. She’s beautiful and popular. She’s portrayed as being somewhat ditzy. This last has been proven, more than once, I feel to be far from the case. While her IQ may not be as high as the guys she shows a fair depth of common sense (except in romance and finance.) She can be pretty clever, and in the social arena she is far superior to the guys. Over the course of the series she’s proven quite adaptable. Her experience with the guys, and later with Bernadette and Amy, has opened Penny up to quite a bit of growth. In fact her own inner-nerd is unleashed when she discovers on-line gaming and a penchant for referring to Star Trek to explain things to the guys.

Bernadette Rostenkowski is currently the fiancée of Howard Wolowitz. She is a former Cheesecake Factory waitress, which is where she met Penny and their friendship began. We see more of Bernadette when Penny introduces her to Howard. Slowly Bernadette is drawn into the group as she and Penny grow closer as friends. Bernadette is smart, easily as much so as most of the guys. She’s a newly minted PhD in microbiology. While not as adept in the social fields as Penny, Bernadette is no slouch. However, her odd sense of humor and quirks can make her a bit scary at times. (Like when she comments on working with deadly, infectious thingies and then handling food.) She has a rough relationship with her Mom. In her relationship with Howard she is definitely the dominant, the major bread winner, and she knows how to play her man to get the best results.

Amy Farrah Fowler comes into the picture when Raj and Howard sign Sheldon up for a dating website as a joke. At first it seems Amy is a female version of Sheldon. They seem so much alike it’s eerie. Like Sheldon she’s super intelligent. (It should be noted that the actress Mayim Bialik holds a Ph.D. in the same field as her character and that she was also the character Blossom from the 90’s show of the same name) She’s socially awkward and literal minded. Unlike Sheldon, Amy truly desires to increase her “popularity” and hang out and do what she considers to be “normal girl stuff.”

Now that’s a really simplistic look at the three of them by themselves. There’s really a lot more to them. I want to take a look at the three of them together now. It’s when they interact with each other that they really start to shine. It’s almost like they are three facets of the same being. Penny is the socially adept one, the one with more typical common sense. She’s the one with the most knowledge of what it is “chicks do.” Amy is on the other end of things, brilliant, but awkward and out of touch with societal niceties. And Bernadette is somewhere in the middle, both brilliant and bit more capable in the social venue but still a touch weird and hard to get.

Bernadette and Penny seem to have a fairly stable relationship with each other. They’re girly together and have a good time. Amy, on the other hand, has an odd (some would say homo-erotic) obsession with Penny. She feels that Bernadette is the least cool of them. I think a lot of that stems from her own insecurities. Whatever their dynamic it’s apparent they are there for each other. They’ll stick up for one another against the guys. They make as good and cohesive a group as the guys do across the hall. I think that if Penny, Bernadette and Amy were to harness their awesomeness they could take over the world, or at least a really big convention.

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