Women of Awesomeness: River Song

(Before I go any further I must put in a little warning: “Spoilers, sweetie.”
If you are not current on Doctor Who you may wish to stop reading until you’ve gotten all the way through the most recent season of the show.)

Yes, it’s time for one of the most intriguing and best dressed Women of Awesomeness ever: I bring you River Song!

We first met River Song in the 2008 series episodes “Silence in the Library”/”Forest of the Dead.” It becomes quickly apparent that River, a professor of archaeology, is/was/will be a companion of the Doctor. Putting aside the awesomeness that is Alex Kingston, I knew River would be vital to the mythology of Doctor Who once she pulled out that sweet, TARDIS blue notebook. I loved how she was able to fluster the Doctor ever so. If there’s one thing he has a hard time with its dealing with someone who actually knows something he doesn’t!

Sadly at the end of the two parter River Song dies. The Doctor (the 10th one at this point for those keeping score) uploads River into the library database where she will live on in a virtual world created by the computer. And that is the last we see of River Song… sort of.

Fast forward to the 11th Doctor. We meet River again in the two parter “The Time of Angels”/”Flesh and Stone.” (Oh those shoes!) The 11th Doctor is “River’s Doctor” and she seems even more comfortable around him. Immediately the flirting begins and you just know that River is a force to be reckoned with. She puts a certain light into the Doctor’s eyes that no other companion has. One of the most significant bits of info we get from this meeting with the Doctor is the knowledge that River is in prison for murder. As she puts it, “For killing the best man I’ve ever known.” This immediately started the mill in talkbacks. Did she mean the Doctor? How does she kill him? When? Why? And so it went on and on. After defeating the angels, again, the Doctor says goodbye to River Song, but I think he knew, we all knew, it wasn’t for the last time… or the first time, or something like that.

In the “Pandorica Opens”/”The Big Bang” River is an earlier version of herself. She is instrumental in the episode, leading the Doctor to 102A.D. where we see her as Cleopatra. (We also get Rory the Centurion, YAY!) She helps the Doctor close all the cracks in the universe. She is the one who gives Amy the blank TARDIS notebook that help spurs Amy to remember the Doctor. It is here we find out River is married, and gleefully the rumor mill continues.

Now things begin to complicated and weird in that whole timey-wimey way. River makes another appearance in “The Impossible Astronaut”/”Day of the Moon.” An older Doctor contacts his companions three (plus two others of sorts) for a picnic. Then the Doctor is killed by someone in an astronaut suit. Even River is shocked by all this. They discover the Doctor, their Doctor as it were, is alive and well. (He received an invite too.) We discover that at one point a little girl was in the suit, and later we see her regenerate.

River is Amy and Rory’s daughter we learn in “A Good Man Goes to War.” This is something that really doesn’t surprise too many of us at this point I think. I know I suspected it. It turns out that River, or Melody Pond, was conceived in the TARDIS and as a result carries Time lord DNA. Melody is kidnapped to be turned into an assassin to kill the Doctor, because you know, he’s such a threat. In “Let’s Kill Hitler” Melody resurfaces, but she’s apparently a childhood friend of Amy’s, and the girl Amy chose to name her daughter after. (Timey wimey, remember?) Melody tries to kill the Doctor but gets shot instead. To most everyone’s surprise she regenerates into the River we know. Except she isn’t River Song yet. She’s a psychopath with poison lipstick. In the end she basically does kill the Doctor, but gives up her ability to regenerate to save him.

Then the adult River Song is kidnapped on the day she receives her Doctorate. The Silence and Kovarian place her in the space suit and sends her to kill the Doctor. In an effort to stop this, to change this River creates an alternate reality. In the end she marries the Doctor and then kills him in the “real” timeline. This is how she ends up in the Stormcage Containment Facility. Of course her being there is a sham, she knows, and so do we, that the Doctor isn’t dead. (Yet another story!)

According to scuttlebutt River will return in the next season.

So, I think it’s pretty obvious why River is on the WoA list. She’s smart, almost as smart as the Doctor, and some would argue she has more common sense than he does. She’s got great style, and can handle herself in most situations. River is a perfect foil for the Doctor. She can keep up with his Time Lordyness, she understands him better than anyone, and she also possesses that human factor that the Doctor needs to keep him grounded. Really there is no one better than River to compliment the Doctor. I wonder what lies in store for them. We know that in they have already met for the first and last time. It’s the rest of those intervening years that I’m curious about. River has Time Lord DNA; the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, or at least of the Gallifreyans in this reality. Could River’s existence mean that there may be more Time Lords in the future, or past, or whenever? And what would the Doctor’s child be like anyways, and how would Amy feel about being a grandmother?

Well, enough of that. I’m going to go watch some Doctor Who now…join me?

One Response to “Women of Awesomeness: River Song

  • Something old…..something new…..something borrowed…..and….SOMETHING BLUE.

    I come with a message and a question.
    Where. Is. My. Wife?
    [Ships explode]
    What was the message?
    Shall I repeat the question?

    I have loved NuWhu in a way I didn’t think I would be able to. I really need to start collecting these, but for me…”a good man goes to war” has….a punch… that was only seen in some of the very best of the Old Who, such as Remeberance of the Daleks…

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