Where No Doctor Has Gone Before

Hello again, Who fans.

Now that Gally is over and down, it would be safe to assume that all the news that was fit to share is over and done with. But you’d be wrong. There’s actually some pretty tasty tidbits coming your way courtesy of the Greatest Show in the Galaxy. So let’s tuck in and get going, shall we?

Probably the most important news is that Series 7 began filming this Monday with scenes depicting Amy and Rory’s domestic setting. Already, we’re getting news of some pretty impressive guest stars: Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter films, although, to me, he’ll always be Olaf Petersen from Red Dwarf), Rupert Graves (currently known as Inspector Lestrade in the Mark Gatiss/Steven Moffat show, Sherlock), and David Bradley (Argus Filch, also from those Potter films).

Naturally, the biggest news to break so far this season is the leaving of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. No one knows when, no one knows how, but we sadly will have to bid adieu to Amy and Rory. But don’t cry for the Doctor, he won’t be traveling alone for long. A new companion will be introduced later in the season. By the way, we do all know that Doctor Who returns in the Fall, right?

The other big news that came out recently is one that will most possibly unite two huge fan bases into one big group love. Yes, I’m talking about the recently announced IDW comic book miniseries featuring the Doctor crossing over into the Star Trek universe. Coming this May, the TARDIS and NCC-1701-D meet as the Doctor and the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation team up to take on the Cybermen and the Borg (who, let’s face it, are ripoffs of the Cybermen) in ASSIMILATION2. This eight series is being written by Scott and David Tipton (IDW’s Star Trek: Manifestation) and IDW’s Doctor Who scribe, Tony Lee.

So what do we think of this one? Obviously, any series as loose with the rules as Doctor Who can be is bound to pop up in practically any setting. But the Star Trek universe? That smacks of fanwanky overload. However, it will be interesting to see how Picard, et al, react to the Doctor. One doesn’t know what sort of fun will be had.

Lastly, Community is returning to NBC. While that isn’t exactly Who-related, there is something that may be of interest to both Who fans and Greendale’s finest. Yes, I’m talking about the soon-to-be realized web series of Inspector Spacetime. Qu’est-ce que c’est? As Community viewers know, Inspector Spacetime is an affectionate spoof of our beloved BBC series, featuring an alien traveling through space and time in a phone box.

While it doesn’t look like producer Dan Harmon or anyone associated with Community will be involved, this new web series does pique my interest both as Whovian and as acolyte of Abed. As for when the episodes will hit our eyes? As the Inspector would say, the question isn’t where… but when.

And that’s it from me. Join me next time when I show you how to keep an Ogron busy using only a broom, three buttons, and a feather.

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