What Does the Fox Say?

Dec 2014 SalonIt has been suggested by a couple of people that I start a Steampunk “Agony Uncle” advice column. I’m not sure that you would really want my advice on life, the universe, and everything, but I am willing to give this a go, and thus began What Does the Fox Say?

So if you have a concern with which you need guidance on various topics such as problems with fashion, relationship, artistic inspiration, mental health issues, existentialist angst, and so forth and you value my slightly sarcastic opinion, then by all means CONTACT me with your question(s).

keep-calm-with-aloysius-foxIn keeping with the “advice column” etiquette, NO NAMES will be published (either real or persona) but you are encouraged to pen some creative alias with your question . . . it’d be nice to have some noun with which to address you in my reply.


Aloysius Fox


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