Werewolves of Ohio – “Lycan Plague”

There are claims that during the Great Black Swamp Days, Resurection cemetery in Delphos, Ohio was once the stomping ground to real life werewolves. Another case was in Defiance, Ohio in August 1972; witnesses reported to police of an attacker being around 6′-8′ feet tall with some kind of an animal head. This year, however, the latest werewolf sightings have been in Pataskala, Ohio . . . a disease is on the verge of breaking out and transforming the small Ohio town into an army of lycans . . . or at least transforming the town into a movie set for the movie Lycan Plague.

Ohio Werewolf 680

Lycan Plague is a feature length independent film project telling the story of a lycan plague in which an ancient werewolf is unearthed in a small Ohio town. The creature is accidentally brought to life during an autopsy which is being performed to determine the nature and origin of the beast. Once revived, however, the werewolf infects the medical staff performing the autopsy who in turn become werewolves themselves. Infection continues until the town is all but taken over leaving a lone human survivor to try to end the carnage brought on by the werewolf clan.

Ohio Werewolf 2Chuck Jackson, the owner of Bright Waters FX in Pataskala, Ohio is the mastermind behind the project. Jackson has been working in independent film since 2009 as a special effects supervisor and creature creator. There will be a lot of martial arts fighting going on in this movie; human vs werewolf, human vs human, werewolf vs werewolf. If you want to see some of how the cast train for the fights and a little bit of the fight choreography then be at Pataskala Martial Arts Academy July 9th, 2016 at 2:00pm. 

Pre-production is already well underway for this project; the lycans have been designed and one lycan build is nearly complete. Working capital, however, is needed to complete the remaining werewolves as there are plans for a minimum of ten werewolves and here is your opportunity to help this army of lycans become a reality!

gofundme logoTo get the project started Jackson has a GoFundMe in place that actually allows you an opportunity to be one of the werewolves and KEEP THE COSTUME! To learn more and donate to the film, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/werewolffilm

Jackson and his crew will be using this project to help launch a full service production studio in Pataskala, Ohio.  The production studio is the ultimate goal, through the studio they will be producing more independent films as well as provide practical effects services to other independent film groups in Central Ohio and providing opportunities for up and coming film makers to work on some of the short and feature length projects.

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