Welcome to the House of Clubs

Welcome to the House of Clubs! We are pleased that you have taken an interest in Us. We are King Sebastian Scott and Queen Calamity Dawn, and should you do Us the honor of joining Our House, then We shall lead you towards fun and frolic. King Sebastian has travelled far and wide as a permanent passenger on the Airship Passepartout. He has earned a reputation as a Bon Vivant and Man of Mystery. In fact many, especially Himself, think Him the Most Intriguing Man around. King Sebastian is a man of intellect, who relies on His wits, and occasionally His whips, to get through His Day. He is an honest man, a man of great integrity and grace, but do not let this fool you, for beneath His genial seeming lies a man with a truly devious mind. “I’m not always a King, but when I am I go to Pandoracon.” To compliment the man that is King Sebastian there is Queen Calamity Dawn. Queen Calamity has many titles and talents in addition to being Your Queen of Clubs. She is the Resident Mixologist and Entertainment Director of Airship Passepartout as well as their Goodwill Ambassador. Some have called Calamity one of the Forces of Nature. She is an effervescent woman, and has the ability to talk at great length on any number of topics… in fact Queen Calamity likely has a story for anything one should wish to hear about. She is a kind woman, and generous, always ready with a flask of one of her concoctions. “Oh dear, you seem to have an empty flask. Here, let Me quench your thirst.We are the House of Clubs: “Sodalitas, Gaudium, ac Victoria!”

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