Weekend Recommendations . . .

Looking ahead to the this weekend, what do we spy through our big brass telescope?

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About this time last year the Ringtail Cafe joined forces with The Pandora Society to create a sister convention to Pandoracon called FurReality. For 2013 the two conventions ran conjointly and overlapped programming, but this year FurReality is standing on its own two paws this weekend.


FurReality is an anthropomorphic convention built with interactive programming inspired by Pandoracon . . . the cyberpunk theme this year is much like that of the game Portals in which a deranged computer has plans to assimilate the convention over the course of the weekend, but there are many ways in which the attendees can help fight back.

The fun begins this Friday (October 10th, 2014) at the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please see the FurReality website for more details.

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For those of you in or around Cleveland, Ohio, we recommend ConCoction’s Fall Masquerade tomorrow (October 10th, 2014) at 7PM to Midnight . . .

ConCoction Masquerade

Learn more about Cleveland’s Sci-Fi convention ConCoction and its Fall fundraiser by visiting their site HERE.

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Saturday, October 11th in Cincinnati is artist Mary Ann’s Big Art Show Opening and Birthday . . . for details and to RVSP please check out the Facebook Event Page.

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This Sunday (October 12th, 2014) between 1PM and 5PM you can join the crew of the Airship Archon for their annual visit to The Depot in Columbus, Ohio for fun and great photo opportunities with steam locomotives. Check out their Facebook Event Page to RSVP and learn more.

Spook at Depot

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And while there must be many other amazing things happening this weekend, and every weekend (why must there only be 52 of them?!) these are the things that caught our attention this week . . . let’s see what we have for you next week 🙂

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