Weekend Recommendations – November 14th, 2014

It’s time for your weekly report of where we’re going to be this weekend, or where we wish we could be . . .



Friday, November 14th, 2014

Tonight! In Detroit . . .

Prof Elemental 111414

. . . click on the flyer to learn more!


 DreamerAnd in Columbus Ohio, “The Dream and the Dreamer.”

We are all dreamers living and expressing a dream. We as artists aspire to reach beyond the tangible, and whether it is the chaos or the beauty which inspires, we have the ability to present to the world how we move through this life. There is a quality in The Dreamer that enables him or her to look beyond the day-to-day and into the dream. Living The Dream is the The Dreamer. There is an unrest within The Dreamer. And in this unrest is where one will discover his or her expressive reaction to The Dream. Eckhart Tolle says, “When we are awake within the dream, the ego created earth drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises”.

Click on the flyer to learn more 🙂

flourish-1 Meanwhile in London . . .

The UK’s biggest, heaviest Steampunk band return to The Garage!

The MenThe Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing come from a past which probably never happened via a present they didn’t want. Less steampunk and more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure.

This is the only London headline show planned for 2014, as the band are busy writing and recording their 3rd album. Expect a smattering of sparkling new gems amongst the usual collection of rough diamonds! Not for the faint hearted or those of a delicate disposition, the band mines a rich vein of Victoriana, with tales of grime and disorder from the dark underbelly of London’s past.

. . . click on the image to learn more.


Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Tea totsIf you happen to be passing through Berkley Michigan, you might wish to stop for spot of tea and help some tots get some toys this Christmas. Click on the flyer to learn more . . .


And also in the afternoon there’s this in Cincinnati, Ohio . . .

Twead Bike

The 4th Annual Cincinnati Tweed Ride . . . Put on some tweed and join us as we ride around town in a celebration of Fall, Cincinnati, and bicycles.

Possible attire includes tweed jackets, wool skirts, knee socks, sweater vests, handlebar mustaches, bow ties, newsboy caps, anything argyle, plaid, etc. The chaps will be dapper and the lasses will be snappy!

Click the image, that features prominent Pandora Society member Guy Dillon (the chap to the right with the sash and the white pith helmet, of course), to learn more about the event.


For nighttime shenanigans, best to head to Lexington, Kentucky to catch the band we featured earlier this week in our interview with them . . . Ford Theatre Reunion!

FTR 111514Join us, ladies and gentlemen, for our VERY LAST Lexington show of 2014!!!! That’s right, folks. Don’t miss your last chance to catch FTR in their home town before they burrow away for the winter. Joining them will be Louisville’s killii killii, and traveling prog-dance superheroes Hank & Cupcakes from New York! Not to mention all the delectable barbecue treats served up all night by Willie’s Locally Known!!!

Boys and girls, REMEMBER, this is an EARLY SHOW. Doors at 8, Killii Killii kicks things of at 9:00 SHARP. Don’t be late!!!! $6, ALL AGES!!!!!!!

And by now, you know what you need to do to learn more about this event . . .

So there’s where we’ll be, or wish we could be if we weren’t already where we were . . . or something like that. Either way, have a great weekend 🙂


As our humble website continues to grow and reach many people beyond Cincinnati and Ohio, we’d like to include more events in our Weekend Recommendations series. If you have a Steampunk, geeky, or “alternative” event that you would like us to feature, please fill out the form below and we’ll see what we can do to help you promote it 🙂


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