We Need MORE Airships!

Ladies and Gentlemen, back in July we started the Midwest Steampunk Project to create a directory of Steampunk groups in the Midwest of the United States of America . . . since then we have expanded the directory to include any group on this planet, but the incoming registrations has slowed down recently.


If you have a regular group that meets, please fill out the form below and we shall do what we can to help promote your group and let people know what activities and events you have planned.

ALSO, if you do have a group already registered, please consider assigning your Communications Officer to write a monthly report to submit to The Pandora Society, we’ll gladly share with our readers what mischief your team has been up to 🙂


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  • Hello all!
    My name is Victory Daring, (aka Virginia Meyer) I have just recently joined this site, and must say, I am quite enjoying it! I do not belong to a group, yet, but hope to be starting one soon! First thing that I would like to do after my girlfriends and I are done hosting our first Steampunk event! I have been reading your website a taking notes! Lol! Thank you very much for hosting this site! I am looking forward to more fun an exciting reading!

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