Vote for Your Favorite Steampunk Costume

We certainly have enjoyed seeing all the entries that came in for our first ever Costume Contest, and now it is time to vote!

Contestants are listed in alphabetical order by first name, and each picture is linked to his or her feature profile if you wish to learn more about the outfit.

The voting form is at the very bottom of this page . . . voting begins June 19th and the polls will be open until July 4th. The results of the contest will be announced at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on July 5th.

Alanna Keith 300x600

1. Alanna Keith


Ashley Jenkins 300x600

2. Ashley Jenkins


Dave Lee 300x600

3. Dave Lee


Eloise Green 300x600

4. Eloise Green


Jared Presley 300x600

5. Jared Presley


Julia Wahle 300x600

6. Julia Wahle


Kitty Kim 300x600

7. Kitty Kim


Klif Fuller 300x600

8. Klif Fuller


Lisa Renee Devonesque 300x600

9. Lisa Renee Devonesque


Lisa Rooney 300x600

10. Lisa Rooney


Lizzieluv Trinkets 300x600

11. Lizzieluv Trinkets


Marianne Vladika 300x600

12. Marianne Vladika


Mark Hodge 300x600

13. Mark Hodge


Melinda Haren 300x600

14. Melinda Haren


Prof D'Still 300x600

15. Prof D’Still


Richter 300x600

16. Richter Omega


RJ Foster 300x600

17. RJ Foster


Sarah Seaward 300x600

18. Sarah Seaward


Yami Kuronue 300x600

19. Yami Kuronue

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