Vote for Your Favorite “Doctor Who” Cosplays.

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Between now and September 16th the polls are open to vote for your favorite costumes in our Who North America Doctor Who Cosplay Contest. The results of the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice will be revealed on September 17th.

To vote your favorite Doctor, Companion, and Villains & Allies, review the entries below, and complete the form at the end of this page.

The Doctor

phoebenpiper 1 CROP

phoebepiper as the Sixth Doctor

Dave Kufner 1 CROP

Dave Kufner as the Eleventh Doctor

DrWhoHalloween CROP

Bridget Elm as a re-imagined Doctor

Josh Breece 2 CROP

Josh Breece as the Tenth Doctor

Gary Barclay 2 CROP

Gary Barclay as the Eighth Doctor


1st_dr_who CROP

Col. Octavius Fogg as the First Doctor

Calamity CROP

Calamity Dawn as a femme Eleventh Doctor

Captain Theo 1 CROP

Captain Theo as the Eleventh Doctor

Jacob Keel 2 CROP

Jacob Keel as the Tenth Doctor

meassylv CROP

Susan K. Topa as the Seventh Doctor

Flourish 1


Laurel Sprague 1 CROP

Laurel Sprague as Rose (aka Bad Wolf)

Anna 2 CROP

Hanah Tikvah as Ace

Natalie Donnermeyer 1 CROP

Natalie Donnermeyer as River Song

Flourish 1

Villains, Allies and Misc. Characters

Jenn Bethel 1 CROP

Jenn Bethel as Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter)

Emma Peelout CROP

Emma Peelout as the TARDIS

Tina Rose Black 2 CROP

Tina Rose Black as a Sister of Plentitude

Betty Lickman CROP

Betty Lickman as a Weeping Angel.

Julie Barman 1 CROP

Julie Barman as Madame Vastra

Laura Ducros 1 CROP

Rebel Among The Stars as the Doctor’s Scarf



Flourish 1
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