Voodoo Carnival 2016 – SCHEDULE

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This weekend sees the sixth annual Voodoo Carnival – Mardi Gras Masquerade, and we’re excited to reveal our schedule of events for this fantastic show.

Doors open at 8PM, and the Lounge at the Southgate House Revival is open before then.

8:00PM – Sanctuary – DJ V-RAL

9:00PM – Lounge – Pole Kittens
9:00PM – Revival Room – DJ Doc Martin
9:00PM – Sanctuary – 1936 North American Heat Wave

10:00PM – Lounge – Pole Kittens
10:00PM – Revival Room – DJ Doc Martin
10:00PM – Sanctuary – Pickled Brothers
10:15PM – Sanctuary – Group Costume Contest
10:30PM – Sanctuary – Crimson Carnival
10:40PM – Sanctuary – Men’s Costume Contest
10:55PM – Sanctuary – Horehounds Burlesque

11:00PM – Lounge – Pole Kittens
11:00PM – Revival Room – DJ Mike Wishnewski
11:00PM – Sanctuary – Women’s Costume Contest
11:15PM – Sanctuary – Blue Heron Trio

12:00AM – Revival Room – DJ Mike Wishnewski
12:00AM – Sanctuary – Horehounds Burlesque
12:10AM – Sanctuary – DJ V-RAL

Please note that this schedule is more of an outline, so things might vary a bit, but you get the idea 🙂

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