Video Gaming at Pandoracon

We are very excited to announce that our favorite coffee and video gaming cafe Roxx Electrocafe will be joining us at Pandoracon to run the video game room.

Many of you might already know about Roxx from the Geek Out Wednesday article, or just simply know about the place because you’ve enjoyed their vast array of beverages and video gaming. Roxx is the regular monthly meeting spot of the Cincinnati Geek Club who get together to drink inordinate amounts of caffeine, get their nerd-on with multi-layered conversations about shows, movies, books, etc. and play a few games.

This September, in addition to offering a wide range of gaming titles for Pandoracon attendees to play, Roxx will running a gaming tourney that will be a part of the overarching Houses of Pandora contest that runs throughout the weekend.

Also, coming very soon, we will have a very important update for those interested in becoming the “Crown” of a Pandora House; there’s a rumor that the contest may be open to Kings as well as Queens to run a House of Pandora this September.

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