Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co. – Vendor Profile

Venusian 2VenusianVenusian Airship Pirate Trading Co. takes the finest available weaponry from each time and location that their travels take them to, that are available. They then modify it to fit their peculiar steampunk technology. They enjoy spreading happiness one gun at a time.  To this date they have never duplicated an item, making each one a individual work of art. Hence their motto, “Distinctive Weaponry for the Discriminating Buyer.”

Venusian 4Venusian 6The Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Co. operates off of a Fleet of Airships gracefully floating 5 miles above the surface of Venus. Having been given a letter of marque by Good Queen Elizabeth herself, we scour the space ways for the Empire. During our travels we have been  become acquainted with a Mr. H.G. Wells and a Frenchman named Jules Verne . Both incredible inventors have allowed us to use their amazing devices to explore time and space.  As we travel through  time we collect weaponry from everyplace we go. Unfortunately when we return to our home time of 1879, we find we are without the necessary components and ammunition to make these odd and diverse weapons operate. Thus, we have to adapt them to the technology of steam and gears that are available to make them operate correctly. 

Venusian 5Venusian 3If you have ever priced the amount of coal it takes to get an airship from Earth to Venus, you will understand that we let nothing go to waste. Every possible thing we find is recycled, reused and repurposed.  If we happen to take a ship in an aerial dogfight, we will strip it down to its bare components and use those to revitalize our found weaponry and refurbish our own airship, the Good Ship Venus.  Presently we are moored near the city of Terminus, in the town of Decatur in a colonial backwater known as Georgia.  We welcome all to come visit our workshop. To create items of their own, or to help us with our own creations. A full costume shop and workshop await the hardy travelers.. Please bring brass, copper and any other interesting items you may find in your travels, as well as weapons, and fabric.  All will be put to good use.

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