Van Helsteam’s Monster and Hunter Bash

Dateline: Saturday, November 14, 2015: apparaition

Reporting from Capitol Steam

Tonight’s Monster/Monster-Hunter Bash featuring that spinner of musical recordings Van Helsteam, was a smashing success. Over eighty properly clad monsters or hunters were present, with special guests The Apparition Apprehenders, who appeared to be chasing a large, bipedal marshmallow in a blue waistcoat and monocle.

tinyype presentationAs always the staff of Kelly’s Irish Pub in Lansing went out of their way to welcome us. Capitol Steam Board Co-Presidents Barbara Agens and Michael Micklea had the honor of presenting to Kelly’s a tintype taken this summer of the group at the Steam Dream Expo in Kalamazoo, which we hope will be displayed with honor on the establishment’s wall. Accompanying the photograph was a framed article about the Pub, and the steampunk events held there on a monthly-to-bimonthly Bashbasis.

This was the final salon to be held at Kelly’s for 2015, but it is our fervent hope to continue them on a regular basis through the coming year. We wish all our steampunk compatriots a joyous holiday season, and welcome you to our (slightly delayed) Twelfth Night Salon, also featuring Van Helsteam, on January the ninth of the new year! May all your glasses be full!

–Cindy Spencer Pape, communications officer from Capitol Steam, signing off.


Salon Geek Flyer 060515


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