Vampires & LARPing at Pandoracon

Members of The Mind’s Eye Society will be running LARP (Live Action Role Play) games at Pandoracon this October. The group will be running a game of Accord on Friday, October 11 . . . and a game of Changeling on Saturday, October 12.
Accord is a unique game setting in which the supernatural entities are shoved into a situation with a common enemy. The “Truth” and its minions are trying to open a portal to our world, destroying all that refuse to serve. The supernaturals can and will work together, however that does not mean that they have to like it. Old feuds and blood oaths still hold true, they are just tentatively set aside to deal with this new greater threat. More are awakening as the incursions increase, posing the issue of training and caring for the new comers, so that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.
This isn’t a war we chose.  We never want to be taken.  We escaped.  There is no negotiation, no peace, and no surrender.
Welcome to being between worlds.  Neither fully human nor Fae.  Hiding from both, trying to survive, protecting what you have managed to gather around you.
The Mind’s Society will have a sign up table in the Exhibitor Hall for those wishing to play.

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