‘Under the Big Top Fashion Show’ – and some big news for Detroit…

On Saturday June 20th, the Tangent Gallery in Detroit witnessed ‘Under the Big Top’, a fabulous display of fashion, cabaret and variety talent. Buried in the industrial districts of central Detroit, this unsuspecting location was for one night transformed into a den of marvelous and thrilling entertainment, a timeless representation of art and strange circus wonders. It was also where the Steampunk community was treated to an extremely exciting piece of news…


IMG_0294Fashion designers from all over the Midwest congregated to showcase their latest creations, with some designs being unveiled to the public for the first time. The event got off to a fashionably late start as the designers made their final tweaks and adjustments, but the audience was not left unattended as the Ring-Master Boice maintained a rousing and humorous delivery, before the commencement of the itinerary with a song number by the show host Salathiel Palland.

Magnificently artistic designs followed one after the other as exciting new couture pieces and accessories were unmasked by alternative fashion designers Ties that Bynde, Kinki KittySilversärk and KMKDesigns. Female and male fashions alike were exhibited by a stream of glamorous models, wowing the audience with the very latest in steampunk, period, neo-vintage and lingerie collections.

In true vaudeville style, the fashion displays were interspersed with some fantastic variety entertainment. We were treated to the old-timey shenanigans of Christopher the Big Icky as he prodded, pushed and pulled various objects in, out and around his body, as well as a strange yet completely mesmerizing vocal performance by the sad clown Sartori Circus.

IMG_0309A powerful and evocative dance performance was provided by Eva Lynn to the tune of ‘Bottom of the River‘ and the audience was treated to a titillating example of burlesque expression from Leena Mynx Allure. There was even an exciting display of live high-speed hair-styling by the virtuoso Akeem as he attempted to tame the famed ‘wild model’. The pace didn’t slow even during the intermission with fiery hula-fire displays by the talented Brenda Fage, while attendees browsed the sumptuous wares of the various vendors at the event.

In all, this correspondent considered this event to be a great success and a delightful evening of wonderful entertainment and artistic expression. Speaking to Stephanie Schultz of Silversärk designs, she remarked that this was a great opportunity to display her work – the events success being testament to the hard work of everyone involved. “It’s a combination of everyone’s efforts to generate the energy needed – which is not easy to do.”

Salathiel Palland and the event co-creator Doc D. Williams Colony spoke of several exciting upcoming events, not least of which being the announcement of the new Motor City Steam Con in 2016! This is fantastic news for Detroit and the wider Steampunk community and we’re really excited to watch this event grow. Pre-registration has commenced and an elegant website is already up and running. Join the Motor City Steam Con Fans Facebook group here to keep abreast of new developments, and get yourself signed up for the event that will undoubtedly place Detroit firmly back on the Steampunk event map.

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