Two weeks left until the Pandoracon opens!

Ladies and gentlemen, space cadets and k-nig-hts! There is exactly two week left until the opening of Pandoracon and we have been frantically adding the finishing touches and are ready to launch . . . so let the countdown begin!

Our TARDIS is on course to land square in the middle of the exhibitor hall, and it looks like three or more Daleks will be there to try and intercept the Doctor. We have great vendors lined up for you, great gaming, exceptional panels, and the Jokers Lala & Meep have been hard at work polishing the games that will be the grand weekend long tournament between the four Houses of Pandoracon!

Make sure you bring your cardboard tubes! We shall plenty of cardboard and packing tape for the making of armor, but we highly encourage you to bring your own tubes 🙂 This faux battle is going to be EPIC!

In our 14 day countdown we shall give you all the fine details you’ve been waiting for!

Finally, congratulations to Christina Neal for winning two free badges in the Steampunk Empire Symposium drawing!

Don’t forget that our final prize giveaway will be two nights at the Crowne Plaza Blue Ash, we’ll pick up the cost of the room for one lucky winner!


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