Two days to wait!

It’s almost here! The schedule is ready for your planning purposes, the final touches are being taken care of and . . . it’s time to introduce the Confused Greenies and there Doctor Who inspired plays!

Dottore Who & the  Arachnicon
Dottore Who ventures to the first Pandoracon, an important nexus in the Multiverse, but discovers the Morosofo, the Master of Folly, is plotting to collapse all of reality unto the convention! With time, space, alternate history breaking down, can Dottore defeat his arch-nemesis and stop the Patchwork of Space & Time from unraveling? Find out in this first of three improvised comedic parody performances by The Confused Greenies of Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company!

Dottore Who & the Zealous Ones
Dottore Who, the bumbling traveler of both time & space, journeys back to 1578 Italy and meets i Gelosi, the greatest commedia all’improvviso troupe of all time – but of course whenever Dottore Who meets someone famous in Earth’s history there’s going to be an alien invasion! Part two of the improvised comedic parody performances by The Confused Greenies of Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company!

Dottore Who & the Commedia Arch
After Amelia’s short skirt nearly destroys the Multiverse, Dottore Who discovers pants have been erased from history – and thus something has happened to the Renaissance improv theatre of commedia dell’arte! Now Dottore, Amelia, and Roratio are trapped in a meta-fictional realm as commedia characters inside a commedia play but who is behind this? The Morosofo, the Master of Folly? Dalek Skarino? Power hungry Prime Time Lord Rassilone? Find out in this final of three improvised comedic parody performances by The Confused Greenies of Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company!

More about these zany masters of improv . . .

The Confused Greenies of Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2006 by Jess Rudolph, Elianna Bootzin, Gigi Criss, and Karoline Kramer-Gould as a performing troupe in the style of the improvised masked slapstick farce of the Italian Renaissance called commedia dell’arte. From the start, the troupe did modern updates of 16th Century comedies and soon expanded to include classic Japanese comedic kyōgen, Neo-Victorian harlequinade with steampunk elements, anime parodies, and science-fiction parodies including the continuing misadventures of Dottore Who throughout the Patchwork Multiverse of Space & Time.

The Confused Greenies specialize in a fusion of devised and improvisational theatre of their own design. Most plays are originally crafted by members of the troupe, written as brief outline scenarios for which the players improvise dialogue and action during rehearsals and performances. Since the troupe’s founding, The Confused Greenies have performed nearly 150 times in six states, including shows at multiple conventions such as Marcon, Ohayocon, ConFusion, Notacon, and Tekkoshocon, as well as numerous medieval and Renaissance events under the more traditional Italian mantle of i Verdi Confusi. They’ve been repeat main stage performers at JapanCASE’s semesterly Anime Marathon since 2008, along with the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Pennsic War where their audiences exceed 200 attendees.

Recently the troupe has expanded from Cleveland to include an active branch in Columbus and while the majority of Players’ Patchwork call these two cities home, the more than 100 players in the troupe’s history hail from 13 different states. The Confused Greenies prides itself on its status as a teaching troupe and many of its members had never believed they could act until trying on a mask and stepping on stage to improvise. Players’ Patchwork has held training and contests in comedic improvisational and several “Iron Commedia” workshops open to all interested participants regardless of experience to create, cast, rehearse, and perform a brand new play in only a matter of hours. In addition to the historical commedia, the troupe uses its unique parody characters and plays to introduce this fringe style of performance to new audiences, bringing live theatre to a wide variety of venues and people, to teach and inspire others to pick up a mask, put it on, and see what happens.


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