Twenty-Fourteen has Arrived!

BalloonsTo all the ladies and gentlemen of the Aether, we wish you a very happy New Year!

We are now only four months away from the third annual Steampunk Empire Symposium and things are coming together fantastically. All the great things that you have come to expect from the Symposium will continue this year, such as the Symposium Games, Steampunk Chronicle Awards, and more, but this year we have an over arching theme that is getting many very excited . . . “Steam Wars – The Steampunk Empire Strikes Back!”

Although far from mandatory, many staff, attendees, and guests of the Symposium will be sporting Star Wars inspired outfits in anticipation and celebration of next year’s Star Wars – Episode VII film. The Symposium Games, developed and managed by the Clan of Teks, will have a distinctly Star Wars feel to them with many familiar tropes and icons . . . further details of the Games will be released very soon, but sign up information is available now.

SymposiumGamesPinTo enter the Symposium Games, airships and groups must be officially registered; there is a nominal fee of $15 per airship/group. Each registered airship/group will received their own Symposium discount code to recruit a larger crew as part of the first challenge leading up to week of the convention. At Opening Ceremonies the captains/leaders of each officially registered airship/group will be recognized and presented with a Steampunk Empire Symposium MMXIV Certificate of Registration. Each airship/group must decide whether they are part of the Steam Empire, or a part of the Rebel Punk Alliance . . . points will be tallied and during Closing Ceremonies we will learn not only which airship/group won the twenty-fourteen Symposium Games, but whether the Empire or the Rebels won the weekend’s skirmish.

Another major event of the weekend will be the Great Boba Fett Showdown between prestigious Boba Fetts originating from two separate alternative realities . . . the infamous John Strangeway versus Danny Ashby of Outland Armour . . . a series of bounties will be placed on the heads of certain Symposium guests; which bounty hunter will capture the most targets?

In true keeping with the past two Steampunk Empire Symposiums, this year’s promises even more interactive adventures and larks for all ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, aliens and steam-droids.

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