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Did you know that the late great Gene Roddenberry specifically put language into the Star Trek franchise contracts that gives permission to anyone that invents technology that is featured in Star Trek to use the names from the Trek shows and movies.
Example: Say you invent a device that can record real time magnetic disturbances. Maybe that same device could also record data from various radio frequencies and pinpoint their location. This device might also be able to record data about gravitational anomalies to locate disturbances in spacetime. Of course this device would also have access to a wireless network and be able to help you navigate and upload your devices data to other computers. You would then have full permission to name that device ”Tricorder” after the wonderful gizmo featured in the Star Trek universe since the original series.

Today you can have your own working tricorder, and all you have to do is download it 🙂
Disclaimer: I’m an Android user and have no clue if the equivalent is available on that Apple thingy.
Okay, so you have to already have a newer Android phone or tablet. The app, simply called Tricorder can be found HERE. It’s a link to the developers page, the direct link to the app in the Android market might change so this link always has the correct market link. The Tricorder app uses your phones built in sensors utilizing a wonderful graphical interface similar to Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager computer graphics.
It uses your accelerometer as a gravity sensor using complex math and the theory that if you are moving in one vector or standing still and the accelerometer registers in a vector other than the direction of travel then their must be a disturbance in the gravity field near you. The magnetometer is amazing and can sense in real time the magnetic field around you, your phone uses it for the compass. You can use it to find ghost activity too, like on Ghost Hunters. Your phone also has gps and internet access which the app uses for the geological location suite along with a section for locating wifi signals and controlling the phones radios. Included with all of this is the solar imaging and activity scan, directly captured from the NASA Solar Observatory in orbit. Last, but not least, is the acoustic monitoring function registering ambient sound in decibels. A truly amazing must have for any Trek fan. Roddenberry would be proud

7 Responses to “Tricorder Talk

  • Looks like CBS killed it… Would have been cool.

  • It’s still on the app market as of last night. He just had to change the ui a little. I can email it to anyone that wants it too. I backed it up 🙂

  • Just checked, link is still good. CBS had to cave in to popular demand and outraged fans

  • I had the tricorder app last year on my Droid Incredible, but when I changed to a Xoom, the tricorder app wasn’t set up to run with a tablet so I had to abandon it. I’ll have to check and see if it’s any better now with the tablet.

  • There seems to be a couple different ones in the itunes app store. Anyone know which one is the best?

  • Take a look who the developer is. If it’s moonbeam than it’s a good one. Some are just fake graphical play things that are usually internet based and linked to wiki style databases. You want to look for one that actually uses your phones sensors to record data.
    Hope this helps, I just don’t know apple very much. They have too many rules 🙂

  • If Ginny or anyone find the good tricorder app for the new iPhone 4s please let me know. the 2 I found are just bad from what I see

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