Top Three Steampunk TV Shows

Yesterday we ran an article arguing that Warehouse 13 was the most steampunk TV ever . . . and of course there were many who responded with shows that they thought were even more steampunk . . . so we put a poll to our Facebook regulars to nominate and vote for their favorite steampunk TV show, and these were the results.

10% of the vote went to runner up shows such as Doctor Who, The Murdoch Mysteries, Lexx, and The Librarians.


17.5% of the vote went to The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. starring cult movie favorite, Bruce Campbell!

Brisco-castBrisco County is a person, not a location. He’s a Harvard-educated lawyer who decides he doesn’t like practicing law and changes his career to — what else? — bounty hunting. Complete with sidekick Lord Bowler and trusty horse Comet, Brisco also hunts his father’s murderer in this tongue-in-cheek series, set in 1893.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. is set in the Old West, but is infused with science fiction elements. A large number of episodes involve the Orb, a powerful device from the future. John Astin plays Professor Wickwire, an inventor who assists Brisco with anachronistic technology including diving suits, motorcycles, rockets, and airships. The search for new technology and progressive ideas, what the writers of the show called “The Coming Thing,” is a central theme throughout the series. Like many great shows, it ran for one season (27 episodes) between 1993 and 1994 before (guess who?) the Fox network axed the show.


30% of the vote went to the original The Wild, Wild West TV show.

The Wild Wild West Seasons 1-4 DVD m02The story of two Secret Service agents: the fearless and handsome James T. West (played by Robert Conrad), and Artemus Gordon (played by Ross Martin), a brilliant gadgeteer and master of disguise. Their unending mission was to protect President Ulysses S. Grant and the United States from all manner of dangerous threats. The agents traveled in luxury aboard their own train, the Wanderer, equipped with everything from a stable car to a laboratory. James West had served as an intelligence and cavalry officer in the US Civil War; his “cover,” at least in the pilot episode, is that he is “a dandy, a high-roller from the East.” Thereafter, however, there is no pretense, and his reputation as the foremost Secret Service agent often precedes him.

The show incorporated classic Western elements with an espionage thriller, science fiction/alternate history ideas (in a similar vein to steampunk), in one case horror (“The Night of the Man Eating House”) and plenty of humor. In the tradition of James Bond, there were always beautiful women, clever gadgets, and delusional arch-enemies with half-insane plots to take over the country or the world

The Wild, Wild West ran for four seasons (104 episodes) between 1965 and 1969, and the original cast made two TV movies in 1979 and 1980. Later, in 1999, the show was recast and made into the infamous (amongst Steampunks) motion picture starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline.


42.5% of the vote confirmed yesterday’s post by placing Warehouse 13 in the lead.

Warehouse 13

To learn more about why Warehouse 13 is just SO steampunk, check out our article from yesterday.


If you have a favorite “steampunk” TV show that is not listed here, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we shall make a point of checking it out.

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