Time Traveling and the Way of the Turkey Leg: Regional Ren Fests

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Summer brings with it the return of everyone’s favorite, nerdy, weekend escape: the Renaissance festival. Although you likely have your local favorite – as well you should – festival season gets rolling before the summer solstice and keeps going well into the fall. There are plenty of weekends to support the locals and venture to new lands. The Ohio Renaissance Festival returns in September, and while the Pandora Society will be on the scene to report from the second annual Time Travelers’ Weekend, there are a number of other nearby festivals you (and we) are bound to enjoy.

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire runs from July 9th to August 14th. The magical village of Avaloch  is still a relatively small affair, and volunteers who help prep the site for the festival (working a minimum of 10 hours) get a free one day pass for later in the year.

The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival, which hosts its very own steampunk weekend, starts June 4th, running through July 10th.

If you’re willing to venture farther north – or if you’re located farther north – check out one of Michigan’s many festivals. These include the Mayfaire Renaissance Festival, the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival.

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