They Were Chosen To Survive…

Well hello space-cadets!

Butch R. Cleaver is back and we’re bringing you an oldy but a goodie…and we aren’t talking about tonight’s feature! This summer we’re mixing older episodes with newer episodes to bring in a splash of freshness in the most ironic of fashions!

This week: They were chosen to survive only to die in the labyrinthian-hell that was their salvation” . It’s the 1974 dystopian classic: “Chosen Survivors“! Basically a super-computer picks folks out to survive world war 3…and one evening government agents show up and tear these people from their normal lives and deposit them one thousand feet below earth’s surface. They are the new inhabitants of a state of the srt under-ground shelter, designed to perserve humanity after the holocaust. If that wasn’t bad enough, shoddy government contracting strikes again! The shelter is flawed and allows a hoard of ravenous mutant vampire bats into it….. really???? Bats?

Before “Snakes on a Plane”
Before “Zombies on a Train”
There was….”Bats in the Basement”!

Let’s check out the trailer for “Chosen Survivors” here on Meet Cleaver Theatre: The Pandoracon Edition!

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