The Winner of the Costume Contest

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Finally the voting is over, the results were compiled, and the winner and runners up were declared at last night’s Cincinnati Steampunk Salon . . . and oddly enough two of the top three were actually present to hear who had won . . . one of them is from Cincinnati, and the other traveled up from Louisville, Kentucky to attend his first Salon in Cincinnati.

Medal Award

So here are the results that you have been waiting for . . .

Thank you to all who entered the contest; it has been so much fun having this costume contest that we have decided to have a contest each month, and later today we shall be adding details regarding July’s big contest 🙂


4 Responses to “The Winner of the Costume Contest

  • I am not sure this was a “costume” contest. First place only discussed the persona and gave no details on the costume. Second place had some nice puppets. I am sure they are both wonderful people, but neither had a costume the equal of many of the other contestants who obviously spent a lot of time, effort, and probably money on their costume. It was a nice popularity contest, but in no way a costume contest.

    • It is true that there is a matter of popularity when it comes to an online voting contest, but we felt that this was as democratic as we could make it. For many costume contests at conventions there are judges who will deliberate over the costume entries, but we wanted to let the Pandora Society readers decide the winner. Perhaps for future contests will have another prize for the Editor’s Choice . . . or something like that.

    • Actually, your comment has inspire a change in the contest procedure. We now have dual opportunities to win . . . the Popular Vote and the Judge’s Choice. For this new contest we recruited the help of the famous Thomas Willeford 🙂

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