The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 56: Interview with Alpha Riff!

Episode number art 56

We have the cyborg bounty hunter Alpha Riff on the podcast!

The nerdcore hip-hop artist what is starting to take the world by storm sits down with Troy to talk about how he got into music and the origins of his persona, Alpha Riff! He also talks about some of the subtleties in his hip-hopera, Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel that we might not have known, as well has hints to what might happen in the second album!

We are also joined by Jallimus, who provided the voice of Harbenger for Digital Champions, and we are also joined by Twill Distilled who did the art work for the album’s poster and will provide opera vocals for the next album!

At the end of the episode, be sure to stay tuned for a track from Digital Champions called “Pour a Cold One ft. TekForce as B. B. Stuart!”

Check out for everything you need to know and buy!

And, check out Jollimus Prime’s stuff at and check out Twill Distilled at

Listen below and enjoy!


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