The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 29: Interview with Mark Cela – Part One!

episode number pic 29

Welcome to Mark Cela week on The Uncommon Geek podcast!

This week, we will be bringing you three, yes, three full length episodes featuring the extremely awesome and wickedly talented Mark Cela!

Star Wars, The Simpsons, WWF/WWE, Mark has had his hand in many cookie jars over the years!

Listen – as he tells stories that make you laugh and make you cry because you’re laughing so much!

Feast your ears – as he expresses goose bumps over the Burger Chef posters!

Check out mark’s site at to see some of his illustrations!

All this week, we feature the song “Star Wars Theme 8-bit (+extras) by Darth Vesta, and was tagged for commercial use on SoundCloud. Check out Darth Vesta’s feed at !

Enjoy Mark Cela Week!!!


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