The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 23: Steampunk primer with Dr. Gintia and Sir Ernest!

episode number pic 23


Ever wonder what exactly this Steampunk thing is? Well then, this episode is for you!


On today’s episode of The Uncommon Geek podcast, Boss Monkey, Mrs. Uncommon Geek and Neo sit down with the two people responsable with bringing Steampunk to the Dayton, Ohio area; Sir Ernest Octave Suszcynski (Greg) and Doctor Gintia Peaseblossom (Cindy)! We talk about exactly what Steampunk is, where it came from, and how anyone can punk some steam!

This is an episode that we have been wanting to do shortly after the podcast started. Greg and Cindy are two of the nicest and fun loving people anyone could ever meet! They are both well traveled, intelligent, and have fine taste in Neo-Victorian dress!

For more information on Steampunk, check out The Steampunk Empire at

And for info on Steampunk in Dayton, Ohio and Airship Passepartout, head on over to

We tried very hard to find some 8-bit electroswing what is CC for this episode (which is very hard to do). But, we found something that fits the bill! Ievan Polkka (8bits) by buubae licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence. Check out all of Buubae’s works at and for all the info you need to have Creative Commons work for you, check out !


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