The Traveling Revelers & ConSociology

Joining Pandoracon are the Traveling Revelers. These two gentlemen of leisure and pleasure have made it their mission to make the world a better place through exceptional flirting and great adult beverages (and helping others create and enjoy both of them)

They admit that it is actually a self serving mission because the more people who understand and can achieve flirting with style and panache, and the more people who understand great beer and know how to make it, the more likely it will be that they will encounter both in their travels. 

Here are descriptions of their workshops, in more of their own words:

It all started as “ConSociology 101: How to Meet People at Cons”, where we taught and demonstrated the basic social skills of meeting people.  After every panel people were asking for more. 

So we added the first of the ‘Flirting at Cons’ series.  With so much material available and the demand for still more, the flirting panels were expanded and divided into two different events. 

After many requests for more information on these subject we have added an entire workshop on the physicality of flirting and another workshop on social cues to our catalog.  And now “ConSociology 248: The Physics of Flirting. F=?C*?V” and “ConSociology 115: The Art of Social Cues, Green Lights/Red Lights” are our most recent additions. 

ConChemistry has its genesis in a home brewing panel at Frolicon and has grown into a regularly offered workshop and fundraiser.  The original presenter found he could not do the panel the day of the event itself.  The person responsible for posting the cancellation was delayed/diverted/distracted and did not finish the task.  

We were actually the first ones in the room.  Soon the presentation room was filling up and the presenter and charity rep were still a no-show.  It was then that the Traveling Revelers stepped in at the last second (literally) and presented the basics of home brew and organized a beer sampling.  When the person finally came to post the cancellation notice on the door and asked if she still needed to post the notice she was greeted with a resounding “No” from the participants.  We asked the con staff to get the representative of the charity to come collect the donations from the panel attendees.  We all had some fun, raised some money for the charity, shared some information and sampled some good beer.   And thus, ConChemistry was born. 

Learn more about the Traveling Revelers by visiting their site.

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  • Attend wichever room parties these guys will be at. You won’t be sorry lol.

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