The Symposium Ambassador Program

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What is the International Steampunk Symposium Ambassador Program? It’s a fantastic opportunity to help the Symposium grow in 2016. It’s an excellent opportunity to save money off of Symposium tickets. It’s an awesome opportunity to earn some exclusive Symposium swag, but the International Steampunk Symposium Ambassador Program is not open to just anyone . . .

Details and opportunities will be released first to all who have registered for the 2016 Symposium by the end of May 2015 . . . an email with secret instructions will be sent on June 1st, 2015 to all who have bought badges for next year’s show.

To help convince you that you really should sign up to find out about the Ambassador Program in June, here’s a nice discount code for 25% off your International Steampunk Symposium badge if you purchase it during the month of May, and the code is:




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