The Secret Cabaret – May 15, 2010

Secret Cabaret 2010

The Secret Cabaret

The history of the Pandora Society truly begins on July 3rd, 2008, but that was really the planting of the seed. It was about two years later that this thing grew out from the cracks of a Cincinnati sidewalk and blossomed with its first flower . . . a show called The Secret Cabaret.

Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gentlemen of questionable virtue, we invite you to an evening of vaudeville comedy, sideshow magic, and burlesque dance!

Only $10 a ticket for sights and sounds that will be hard to forget even if you try. Advance sales available online, click here, or pay $12 at the door; tickets are limited so get yours today!

Off street parking available, but plenty on the streets too. Hor’deurves provided at the pre-show reception when the doors open at seven, but those wishing to partake of various adult beverages are encouraged to bring their own bottle of choice.

Ginny & Brandy

Ginny Tonic & Brandy Manhattan were the hostesses.

Back in 2010 we started as Queen City Cabaret, named after the steamboat inspired nickname for Cincinnati, and our first ever show was held at the Baker Hunt Scudder Mansion in Covington, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River boarder from Cincinnati. The show was cleverly called “The Secret Cabaret” so that if only a few people showed up then we could claim, “Ah yes, we said that it was secret!” But as it was, we attracted close to 80 people for our debut.

The entertainment line up featured the Pickled Brothers Sideshow (back before they were a full circus), Robbin’ Marks Magic, and members of Cin City Burlesque whom we teamed up with for this first show.

Travis of the Pickled Brothers was co-producer of the show and was instrumental in pulling most of the show together, and is still in production and performance at almost all Pandora Society shows. That night he amazed and grossed out the audience with his sword swallowing, bed of nails, and regurgitating cockroaches, while his brother Erik wowed us with world record breaking juggling. Travis’s wife Susan is also part of the troupe.

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum of Cin City Burlesque

Robbin’ Marks Magic, comprised of Dave Holderbaum and his beautiful assistant Felix Felicis, performed many illusions such as rope tricks, escaping handcuffs, making Felix disappear, and more.

Cin City Burlesque provided the playful raunchiness with dancers Sugar Plum, Sweet Tarte, Cherry Bomb, Fros D Shakes, Rocky Road, and Honey Buns. They performed six acts to the songs “The Stripper,” “If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It,” “You Took Advantage of Me,” “Sin Wagon,” “Fever,” and “Feelin’ Good.” Suffice to say, six beautifully confident women removing clothing while dancing was very well received by the audience.

We were also joined by several members of the Kentucky Black’n’Blue Grass roller derby team who assisted Ginny Tonic and Brandy Manhattan as hostesses for the evening . . . and as for me, this was my debut as an MC.

The show was immensely fun and moderately successful . . . by time Travis and I had paid all the performers we still actually had a profit, which we then promptly spent at Shanghai Mama’s on a celebratory late night dinner and began to plan the next show The Masked Cabaret, which later became known as the Midsummer Masquerade.

Flourish 3

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