The Pandora Society at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

This weekend is the sixth annual Cincinnati Comic Expo, and The Pandora Society will be there to promote all the amazing things we are up to . . . and I, Aloysius Fox, will be doing something extra special at the Expo . . .

CCE 2015

. . . some of you may recall that last September I moderated the Paul McGann (AKA the 8th Doctor Who) panel, and this year I get to interview yet another Doctor Who related guest . . . well, more Torchwood than Doctor Who . . . yep, Eve Myles!

Gwen Cooper 680

Best known for her role as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, Myles also played Gwyneth in the Season 1 Doctor Who episode “The Unquiet Dead.” This brought her to the attention of Lead Writer Russell T Davies, who would progress to create and produce Torchwood. Considering her to be “one of Wales’ best-kept secrets”, Davies wrote the role of Gwen Cooper in Torchwood specifically for Myles.

Eve Myles’s panel will be at 11:30AM on Sunday, September 20th, and The Pandora Society booth will be on the main show floor the entire weekend . . . so if you’re there drop by our table and say hello, and make sure to come see Eve Myles and all the other amazing guests at the Cincinnati Comic Expo.


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