The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment – Chicago, IL

The Owen Society 1

We are an association of Hermetic, Metaphysical, and Spiritualist scholars dedicated to the study of psychic and occult sciences for the general betterment of humanity. The National headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois with chapters in Madison, Wisconsin, and Fresno, California.

The Owen Society leader

Prof. Marius Mandragore

The Owen Society meets the last Sunday of each month at various locations around Chicago, including Owen and Engine pub (please visit our Facebook page for confirmation of our calendar events and locations). 

Each meeting of the society features a brunch shared together followed by a paper or presentation by one of its members, concluded with a series of questions and discussion. We are currently planning on publishing these papers in annual journals detailing both the academic/theoretical and experiential realms of magick and the occult.

Prof. Marius Mandragore leads The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment.

The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment is a member of the Midwest Steampunk Alliance; if you have an Airship or Steampunk Group in the Midwest, we urge you to join the Alliance.


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