The new Kings & Queens of Pandoracon?

The 2012 Queens of Pandoracon – Starting on the left, the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Spades, an Ace of Pandora, the Queen of Diamonds, and the Queen of Clubs.



A message from the Jokers of Pandoracon . . . 

Well met to one and all!

The time comes once again for the Mystical, Magical Midsummer Masquerade – a place where fantasy and fun frolic free and flights of fancy find favor. In addition to music, mayhem and madness, we are pleased to announce that, once again, competitions for the Noble Crowns of Pandoracon shall be held.

Now, for those who do not recall, last year saw an amazing cast of characters step forward to compete for the Pandoracon House Crowns. And, those fortunate few to win out, they went on to lead their houses at the Pandoracon convention. At Pandoracon, the noble House of Diamonds won the inaugural House Games, edging out House Clubs, Hearts and Spades. But, ‘tis another year and petitioners for the crowns gather once more.
And, by petitioners, we mean you!

You see, like Pandoracon itself, the crowns are an honor open to one and all – and we need your energy and enthusiasm and great gifts for gamesmanship to fulfill the legacy so ably established by our retiring crowns. For a Crown, you see, is more than mere title, it is a position of esteem for those bearing the passions, pride and promise of all things geek in nature. The crowns are the ambassadors of Pandoracon, promoting inclusion and mirth to any and all in attendance. These are positions of responsibility to be sure, but they are also filled with infinite possibility for play, fine friendship and innumerable memories – all immediately and infinitely shareable.

Want to know more? All you need do is send a message to Mr. Spencer Martin or Lala-and-Meep (all Jokers extraordinaire) by Monday, June 28th with your name, avid interests and desire to get in the game, as it were.

‘Who or what is a Joker,’ you say? Well, The Jokers are the creators and facilitators of the games for both Pandoracon and the Midsummer Masquerade. But, fret not, dear friends. These games, while built with strategy and with competition in mind, are also designed to elicit the greatest amount of fun and enjoyment for both players and viewers alike.

So, with all this in mind, permit us to send out this mighty invitation:

Come one! Come all!
Stand and be counted as a contender for the Pandoracon Crowns!

And, even if you have no passion to sit the throne, come to both the Midsummer Masquerade and Pandoracon to see what our grand adventure is all about. We promise, at no other event or convention will you ever find a more welcome and elated bunch. We hope your smiling face shall grace and swell the ranks of our most excellent adventure.

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2 Responses to “The new Kings & Queens of Pandoracon?

  • Ladies and gentlemen, the final date for submitting your interest should read Friday, June 28th.
    Please be so kind as to spread the word.

    Thank you.

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