The Midsummer Masquerade Menu

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In addition to a full cash bar, the Moonlite Gardens will be providing a concession menu for the Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade for when you get hungry.

Bottled Water                                      $3.00

Bottled Soda                                        $3.00

Nachos & Cheese                                $4.00

Bag of Chips                                        $1.75

Hot Dogs                                              $3.00

BBQ Pulled Pork                                 $7.00

with Saratoga chips & BBQ Sauce

Saratoga Chips                                    $2.50

with BBQ Sauce

Garden Burgers                                    $3.50

While supplies last!

Soft Pretzels                                         $2.00

Extra Cheese                                        $1.00

 No outside food or drink is allowed in the Midsummer Masquerade

Previously the Midsummer Masquerade was held upon the private grounds of Loveland Castle, and at last year’s Masquerade the drinks policy was BYOB, but this year we are at a different location and must abide by different rules. Some of you will be tempted to smuggle a flask or two into the event, please DO NOT do this.

Persons caught possessing alcohol not purchased from the Moonlite Garden’s bar will be asked to leave and will face a possible ban from other Pandora Society events. It is important to understand that by smuggling any form of contraband into the event it potentially jeopardizes the event for everyone.

If we can not respect the policies of a venue, then we run the risk of losing the use of a venue as they face fines for breaking liquor license laws; what seems like a “harmless” act can actually have a long lasting harmful effect for everyone if the event loses its venue.

Therefore we thank all our attendees in advance for respecting the venue and the Pandora Society’s policies and making this a great event that will continue to be a great event for years to come.

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