The Houses of Pandoracon

The Jokers lead the Houses in a game of wit and knowledge. (Photo – JP Dean)

The Houses of Pandoracon is definitely something that makes this convention unique. Last year all Pandoracon attendees were divided into one of the four groups: the House of Clubs, the House of Diamonds, the House of Hearts, and the House of Spades. Each House has a king and queen who perform the role of social ambassadors between con staff and attendees, but most importantly rally their Houses in fun contest against the other Houses in a series of games and activities that are organized by the Jokers. Over the course of the weekend the Jokers kept track of points earned, and funds exchanged in the form of Pandoracoin, to declare at the closing ceremony that House of Diamonds had won the contest.

This year, with the Labyrinth theme, the Jokers have been working overtime to come up with even more mischief for attendees to be a part of, and for 2013 Pandoracon has a fifth House, the Goblins! Any attendee not recruited by one of the four Houses will be considered a part of the Goblin Hoarde, a group of misfits led by the Goblin Chieftains who will be causing havoc for all the Houses. It is possible that none of the four Houses may win this year if the chaotic goblins have their way.

Pandoracon is alive with this narrative that weaves its way through the entire convention, and attendees can participate as much or as little as they please. So, come join us as we go “Into the Labyrinth” and celebrate all the twists and turns of fandom.

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