The House Banners

In the next few days we shall run articles in which each House gives us a description of the spirit and personality of their House. Those who have pre-registered and already bought their tickets will have the opportunity to express a preference toward which House they would like to belong (those buying tickets at the show will be assigned a House at random).

If you already have a House picked out, we encourage you to show your House Pride by downloading one of these banners and using it at the “cover picture” for your Facebook page (we are under the assumption that you have one 🙂 The banners are specially designed to fit in the “cover picture” space and make your Facebook page look very stylish and become the envy of anyone unable to attend Pandoracon. Click on the banner you want to see the full picture (click on it again and you get just the picture) and then right click to “save as.”

Also, today (until midnight) is your last day to be entered into the signed Pandoracon Doctor Who print draw; buy your tickets in advance, save money, and have a chance to win a prize!

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