The Highland Renaissance Festival Celebrates Ten Years

The Highland Renaissance Festival (often called the “Kentucky Renaissance Festival”) is celebrating its 10th season in 2015. Tucked away in the small town of Eminence, Kentucky, the festival is set in the fictional village of Briarwood, Scotland during the 14th century reign of King Robert the Bruce. This festival runs every Saturday and Sunday from May 30th until July 5th, 2015.

Like many renaissance festivals, the Highland Renaissance Festival offers entertainment from jousting and sword fighting to juggling and music and storytelling Princesses. Food includes giant turkey legs, meat on sticks, and even haggis.


Jousters clash swords on Briarwood’s Field of Valor

The street cast is split into several parts:

I am biased, of course, but my favorite are the circus acts. Besides my own show, the Pickled Brothers Circus with juggling, sword swallowing, fire-eating, and a bed of nails, there is Stuart McFlamin the juggler, and Fool Hearty, a clown act with magic, juggling, and dog shows.

Travis gets stuck in a prickly situation

Travis gets stuck in a prickly situation

Comedy act Nuttin’ But Mud entertains people by telling the mud beggars’ version of many fairy tales. Dragon Bob has puppet storytime in the Kids’ Kingdom, along with storytelling, and other kids’ activities. The Princesses of Louisville are visiting Briarwood for young fans. Rondini does an amazing escape act from chains and a straightjacket, and the Wash Show Suds and Buds is clean, wet fun! Music abounds with Minstrel Woode, Saxon Moon (music AND pyro!), Rusty Mudd, Reyardine, Drunk & Sailor, and Iris & Rose. Several guest acts pop up all over, so keep your eyes and ears open!

And naturally you can buy a number of wares from vendors throughout the festival. Medieval clothing, jewelry, hair accessories, armor, handcrafted wood and leather products, toys, stained glass, and much more than I can list here.

Fans of bawdier entertainment should take note of the schedule for the Twisted Thistle. A pub tucked away in the woods that features more “adult” comedy and music.

What really sets this festival apart from other permanent site festivals is the setting. The festival was built on the outskirts of Eminence on property that was part farm, and part forest. Great effort was put forth to maintain as much of the wooded area as possible. Nearly half of the festival is under tree cover, giving it a much more natural feel than many other permanent sites that can feel like a “medieval shopping mall”.

Of special interest to readers of the Pandora Society’s updates is Steampunk Weekend. June 20-21 2015 will see Steampunks from all over descend on Briarwood. Aloysius Fox will be the host for the weekend’s events, and will have more information soon!

Adult tickets are just $10 if you buy online. So come and see all that the Highland Renaissance Festival has to offer! kyrfcollage 680

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