The Green Slime Are Coming!

Well hello all you space cadets!

Butch R. Cleaver here, from Cincinnati’s premiere psychotronic cinema show, Meet Cleaver Theatre! The powers of the Pandoracon have beamed me in to share a special series of b-grade sci-fi features with you . . . and are we starting off with a bang! This week’s deliciously rotten TV dinner is a minor cult classic from the late 60s known by those of great taste as:
The Green Slime!

Trivia time:

The Green Slime was shot in Japan near a popular US Air Force base, hence many of the background performers and extras are American.

The psychedelic theme song to the film was performed by Charles Fox, who also created the theme songs for Barbarella and the TV show Wonder Woman!

The Green Slime creatures were played by Japanese children in bulky rubber suits!

This was the first film ever to be featured on the cult TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000. An edited version of the film appeared on the show’s never-aired pilot episode.

See you next week with more sci-fi hi-jinks!

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