The Fireball Federation enters the 2017 Steampunk Olympics

In 2013, the Symposium Games were dominated by the Dastardly Alliance.  Last year, the Corsair Iniquitous competed and dominated the competition, and entertained the masses.  So what say you?  Do you want more?  DO YOU WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED?

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Well, we want to be entertaining AND dominating.  So this year, the Dastardly Alliance and the Corsair Iniquitous have united over strong friendships and even stronger alcohol to bring you: THE FIREBALL FEDERATION!  Prepare to be destroyed!!  Both in the games and possibly your liver.  We’ll work hard to entertain and win the games, and party hard with you when we host the Friday night party.  Are we aiming to get you drunk so you have trouble with the games Saturday?  It’s a possibility…..THAT WE CAN ALL LOVE!

If you are crew member or passenger with the Fireball Federation, or wish to support them, use the discount code FIREBALL to save 10% off weekend tickets and earn points for this team.

The Steampunk Olympics (also known as the Symposium Games) are a series of eccentric, eclectic, and extreme contests that occur over the course of the International Steampunk Symposium weekend. While some contests in the Steampunk Olympics are open to all, there are some contests that can only be entered by officially registered Airships, but that is only one of the benefits of being registered at the Symposium. This year the registration fee includes:

  • Airship Banner
  • 1,000 Airship Business Cards
  • Discount Code for Crew & Passengers
  • Opening Ceremonies Parade
  • Captain’s Table Conference
  • Chance to Win Weekend Tickets

Regardless of which Airship wins the Steampunk Olympics trophy, all officially registered won’t set sail to the skies empty handed.

Click here to learn how to officially register your airship with the
International Steampunk Symposium for 2017 

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