The Final Update on the Costume Contest.



Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only two more days left to cast votes in our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest before the results are announced at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon on July 5th.

Voting began on June 19th and there have been some shifts in the lead three positions, and now we are in the final stretch when a second wind of voting has already started to happen. Since our last update there has actually been a major shift in the top three, but will they be in the lead come Saturday at Noon when the polls close?


As of today the top ranking three costume entries are as follows:

This is the last update on the runnings before the final results on Saturday. The winner will be announced live at the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, and the results will be published the following day. We will also declare our contest and drawing for July . . . we think that you are going to like them 🙂



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