The Crowns of Pandoracon!

The Midsummer Masquerade was truly a night of masked magic and mirth (see the Cincinnati Metromix pictures here), and it also saw the contest to determine the “crowns” for each House of Pandora . . . which we now proudly present!

The back row from the left, Emma Peelout the Queen of Hearts, Sebastian Scott the King of Clubs, Dr. Forge the King of Hearts, Spenser Martin the Ace, Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski the King of Diamonds, Bret Daly the King of Spades, and Calamity Dawn the Queen of Clubs.

The front row from the left, Gintia Peaseblossom the Queen of Diamonds, Aloysius Fox of Pandora Promotions, Ginny Tonic of Pandora Promotions, Charles Moore of Pandora Promotions, Anna Nagle the Ace, and Tiki Von Sexron the Queen of Spades.

The Crowns of Pandoracon will lead their Houses in contest against each other as the attendees of Pandoracon compete in or simply observe the multitude of games and challenges that are being planned by the mysterious Jokers of Pandoracon.

Look out for descriptions of the games and challenges coming soon!

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