The August Steampunk Salon Report

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Once again the League of Cincinnati Steampunks gathered for their monthly meet up, the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon at Molly Malone’s. Over the course of the night about 116 people came and went to enjoy the evening’s events and entertainment.


Photo by Samuel Keystone Sprocket

Starting at 8PM, the Salon followed its usual routine of ladies and gentlemen, both familiar and new, eating, drinking, and socializing; Molly Malone’s has an excellent pub cuisine menu, and the curry chips (steak fries covered in curry sauce) were very popular last night. Not steampunk at all, but extremely well received, the movie Labyrinth played silently from the projector on the wall, while classical cover versions of modern alternative songs played in the back ground, but that didn’t stop people from singing along with the film during “Dance Magic.”

Around 10PM events transitioned and it was time for announcements. First up was the much anticipated results of the Goggles, Guns, & Gadgets . . . coincidently three of the winners actually at the Salon! M. Leigh Hood of Cincinnati won the Judge’s Choice for her Temporal Goggles, Julie Moss Conrad of Georgetown, Indiana won the Popular Vote for her Kyote’s Aether Ray Gun, and the Victorian era Mobile Phone by Samuel Keystone Sprocket of Jeffersonville, Indiana won the Popular Vote. Then it was time to give some “Hip! Hip! Huzzahs!” to those who had birthdays this month, and once announcements were over, it was time for the entertainment.

Photo by Samuel Keystone Sprocket

Photo by Samuel Keystone Sprocket

This month we went with something a little different, instead of the Salon watching a band, we were the band! Yes, we opted for karaoke this time around and the crowd loved it! Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus hosted the event; many signed up and sang their hearts out to the lyrics projected on the wall. It was a great change of pace, and lots of fun. At midnight, DJ V-Ral took over and played numerous tunes into the early hours as many danced until the end of the Salon.

The next Cincinnati Steampunk Salon is on September 6th and we invite you to RSVP to our Facebook Event Page if you are in the area next month.

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