The Art of Hotel Camping

Ladies and gentlemen, today we would like to share with you a few tips for making your stay at a convention hotel easier, cheaper, and less stressful 🙂 Here are some essential pieces of equipment for what I have come to call Hotel Camping . . .

Hotel Camping 3The primary piece of equipment is a cooler with wheels and a handle. This will serve as the container for the rest of your hotel camping equipment and can be used as a dolly cart for some additional pieces of luggage; personally, I like to pack some of clothes and things in tote boxes which sit perfectly on the cooler. I recommend some bungie cords to secure the box to the cooler when unloading at the hotel. At home I leave the rest of my hotel camping things in the cooler for storage.

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The second most essential piece you will need is sealable plastic bags; I’m rather partial to Hefty’s zippers. As you can see from the above picture I have a variety of things that I keep in the cooler at all times . . . a dishwashing thingie? Don’t ever trust that the cleaning staff cleaned those glasses the way you’d like them, plus if you have reusable cups, bowls, etc. this is essential for keeping things clean.

Napkins . . . ever find that you took about four or five more napkins than you needed? Don’t throw them away, just pop them in your baggie! Same for sugar packets and plastic knives, spoons, and forks . . . actually any individual sized things that are available at restaurants are great for this . . . not only do you get to be a cheapskate, it’s just practical! 🙂

The other essential use for the plastic baggies, and perhaps one of the most important, is using them to cool your cooler. Each day fill about three to four of them with ice from the ice machine down the hallway, and place the ice bags in your cooler . . . simple!

Hotel Camping 2

An electric kettle is AWESOME! There is so much that you can do with boiling water. Personally I need my tea in the morning . . . afternoon . . . early evening . . . basically I need my tea, and you may note the small plastic tub full of tea bags (Tetley British Blend available from Kroger). As far as keeping costs down, having boiling water allows you for prepare things like noodles and other dehydrated meals in your room. To avoid con-crud bring fruit, and I also recommend echinacea for the immune system, vitamin B12 for energy, your basic multi-vitamin, and plenty of ibuprofen for those rough mornings.

I also take a blender for smoothies in the morning, but I would not say that one’s essential, but all of this and food does fit in a large cooler and make the life of the hotel camper so much easier and far more cheaper!

If you have any tips for hotel camping, please feel welcome to share them below in the comments section 🙂

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One Response to “The Art of Hotel Camping

  • From My experience as a road-warrior (projects requiring 4-12 months spent “on the road”): pro-tip: empty “tic-tac” containers to hold basic spices.
    I’d replace the electric kettle with a 1 “burner” electric hot plate and camping style pot with fold away handles and a matching skillet. If you get the right size, you can pack the hot plate inside the pot and use the skillet as a “lid” when packing up. This give you both boiling water and the capability of cooking practically anything.
    Also, the “hobo tools” are amazing (they look like a swiss army knife that fold out and splits to become a knife/fork/spoon/can opener/ corkscrew combo. (make sure you get the stainless steel version!)
    As for food- the dried soup packets (“Bear Creek” ect) are your friends!
    Also, since you never know what food (if any) is going to be available when you finally get to the hotel, it’s always a good idea to have at least a box or two of “just add water” mac and cheese (the kind with the cheese packet, not the powder) and a handful of “instant oatmeal” packets.

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