The Airship Curiosity Presents: The Steampunk Empire Symposium’s Curiosities Exhibit!

FallingThis year the Curiosities Exhibit decided to take to the Aether! We purchased a small, gently used, but nicely appointed airship and dubbed her Curiosity! My crew, along with our new pilot – the mysterious Cpt. Phineas Phunderbyrg, has scoured the world(s) looking for new and exciting things to showcase. We ran into a snag in Kuala Lampur when we realized our multi-dimensional space-folding cargo system was on the fritz. So after some careful (re: panicked) thinking a decision was made that for this year we would focus on only smaller items.

This leads me to this year’s theme! Small Things! This year the Curiosities Exhibit will focus on all things smaller than a breadbox… yes, including unusual breadboxes. (There will be some leeway for items not too much bigger than a breadbox, but let’s not go overboard, shall we?)

Now that part you have all been waiting for: the categories!

1. Original Steampunk Sidearms

2. Modified Steampunk Sidearms (NERF, etc.)

(Note: Sidearms only please. No rifles or BFGs will be accepted this year.)

3. Wearable Steampunk: Goggles, bracers, smaller bustles and corsets, etc.

4. Steampunk Toys: tops, dolls, miniature furniture, toy cars, etc.

5. Functional Steampunk: iPod speakers, cell phone cases, tea kettles, clocks, anything that has a use beyond looking cool. Bonus if it actually works.

6. Items of Tiny Unknown Origins: Anything that doesn’t fall into the above and fit within our breadbasket rule.

BL-elect-cabinetIf you need a display stand, please bring your own. We will do what we can, as always, but our own supplies are limited. In a week we will release the registration forms. We encourage builders and makers to submit registration before the Symposium, but will as always accept on the spot registrations. As we did last year each Registrant w. an affiliated airship will receive a number. Unaffiliated entrants will be displayed with their names. In all cases the staff will have the information of who owns what. If a builder or maker wishes to sell their item they can let us know and we will indicate it. Should someone wish to purchase an item they should ask the staff for the contact information and then the maker and buyer can discuss the sale in private.

The crew of the Airship Curiosity looks forward to docking at the Symposium this year and seeing what you have to offer! Bring us your unusuals, your exquisites, and your whatchamacallits!

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