The 2016 Steampunk Symposium Games

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We are drawing even closer to the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium which means that the Games are almost upon us . . . and there are some changes for this year . . .

The 2013 Dirigible Races

Ever since the first its debut in 2012, the Symposium has been host to what many have described as the “Steampunk Olympics” Airships from all over the country have competed in a series of civil and definitely eccentric sports and challenges, accrued points, and stood a chance of winning the esteem Symposium Games Trophy and four weekend badges to the next year’s Symposium.

2012 Dirigible RacesPreviously the Games were limited to officially registered Airships who could enter crew members into the sports, and then last year it opened up more to include rounds for non-aligned attendees to play, but this year it opens up even more! The Games will run pretty much in their normal fashion, but registration for the Games will be treated like all the competitions by being open to anyone wishing to sign up, however, some contests require that you have the right equipment. Points and prizes will still be given, and it is possible for Airships to compete for the trophy as the group with the most points is still the over all winner. Spaces will be limited, and sign ups will be held at the Symposium information desk.

Many of the familiar contests will be returning for this year such as:

  • Penny Farthing Races
  • Dirigible Races
  • Bocci
  • Tea Dueling
  • Nerf Dueling

Back in 2012 we had Croquet, and for 2016 we shall have it again, and hopefully we shall play host to some Tea Pot Racing (or at least demos in preparation for 2017), but the most exciting new addition will be the Iron Tailor tournament.

Umbrella Fencing is a maybe . . .

Points and prizes will also be available from the Costume Contest, the Curiosities Exhibit entries, the Pin-Up Contest, and a few other contests.


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