The 2016 Midsummer Masquerade Report

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The seventh annual Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade occurred this weekend on July 16th, 2016, and this was its second year at the Moonlite Gardens in Coney Island. Each year there are new acts to entertain the crowd, but perhaps the biggest spectacle of the night is still all the amazing costumes constructed and worn by the fantastic attendees!

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This year the weather graced us with cooler air than last year, and the humidity was surprisingly low, but it was still a hot night, which is why many opt for costuming that light and . . . well . . . rather revealing! The skies remained clear all night, and an almost full moon glowed over the Moonlite Gardens adding to the magic of the evening. The gates opened at 8PM to let in all the fairies, goblins, sprites, elves, and other beings. The official program began at 9PM, but as the revelers rolled into the space, music from DJ Doctor Martin filled the main stage, and later fairy violinist Kirstyn Blandy wandered around the audience with her alluring melodies.

Yours truly, Aloysius Fox, played MC to the first half of the night’s entertainment which started with some daring twists and turns from our German Wheel act, and more twists and turns of a different kind with Morgan Leigh and her hooping dance. The costume contest was held earlier and displayed some of the best outfits of the night to the audience before the sun went down. After the costume contest, it was time for Gandersnitch the Goblin to take the main stage with his outlandish goblin comedy, followed by another dance from Morgan Leigh which used hula hoops that lit up in a rainbow of color.

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Around 10PM, it was time to move attention to the second stage, located by the picturesque lake, in preparation for the fire acts, but before the fire was to begin we first had songs from Jolene Robbins. At this time, Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus took over MC duties while dazzling the audience with his sideshow acts. The second fire act of the night saw the return of the popular SpaceFairy, and then the finale was held by Reverend X who actually made this his retirement performance.

Close to 11PM, the crowd moved back to the main stage and dance floor as DJ Doctor Martin finished off the night with a NOIR style dance laced with magic tunes and songs of masquerades.

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