Red Shirts: A Wonderful Romp Through a Metafiction Universe

Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas, by John Scalzi*, focuses on new crew members aboard the Universal Union flagship Intrepid who begin to notice alarming patterns that determine how long they will survive. The story follows Ensign Andrew Dahl, newly assigned junior scientist, and his friends. They slowly come to realize that there is a […]

Top Three Steampunk TV Shows

Yesterday we ran an article arguing that Warehouse 13 was the most steampunk TV ever . . . and of course there were many who responded with shows that they thought were even more steampunk . . . so we put a poll to our Facebook regulars to nominate and vote for their favorite steampunk TV show, […]

7 Reasons Why “Warehouse 13” is the Most Steampunk Show on Earth

At first look you don’t expect Warehouse 13 to make it to the list of steampunk TV shows, let alone steal the #1 slot. The cover picture features a barn, and you get that it’s a vaguely parnormal spy show about some secret branch of the government, but until you get really invested you might […]

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