Voodoo Carnival 2017 – Lagniappe

Always with one eye looking back toward Louisiana, Lagniappe brings diverse performances and Mardi Gras fun from the variety of talents and interests of all the musicians in the band.

Voodoo Carnival 2017 – Robbin Marks Magic

We are thrilled to announce the return of Robbin Marks Magic to the Voodoo Carnival this Saturday! Comedy and magic for your events! Dave and Miss Felix combine wit and humor with illusions for all ages… Was that a chicken? Let them astound you with their illusions and amuse you with their humor. Dave and Felix have performed […]

Voodoo Carnival 2017 – Circus Mojo

We are thrilled to announce that Circus Mojo will be joining us again for the Voodoo Carnival this Saturday!

Voodoo Carnival 2017 – Hëxa Burlesque

Dayton’s darkest burlesque comes to Cincinnati for the 2017 Voodoo Carnival – Mardi Gras Masquerade!  

Voodoo Carnival 2017 – Dead Man String Band

Strait from six feet under comes Dead Man String Band, the undead trash blues zombie from Cincinnati. Pronounced dead somewhere in the 1930’s and resurrected only recently Dead Man made his start in the venues of Cincinnati eventually branching out and becoming a cult act in many different music scenes around the country.

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